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    2400G windows not seeing graphics


      New build with a 2400G in a Gigabyte Mini ITX gaming wifi mobo. Updated to newest bios as of 2-8-18, installed drivers for apu from amd site, yet windows doesn't see it.  I get a no amd graphic driver installed error when trying to open radeon setting from the taskbar.


      Device manager gives me this error


      This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)

      If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.


      I don't have any other devices installed on the system

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          updated bios to one dated 7-13-2018, still no luck....

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            I'm experiencing the exact same problem too :/

            Hopefully there is a fix for this soon

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              Yes, the whole thing isn't fully baked yet.   Have a 2400G in the Asrock B350 mini ITX board and it simply isn't working correctly.   While the video is finally working, it took 10 reboots and BIOS clearings to get it to work correctly.  All the temps, speeds and everything else that is measured is totally inaccurate.


              One thing to try, is to go into BIOS (if you can get into it), and switch the "first graphics adapter" (or whatever it says in yours) to IGP, from PCIE.  Helped me immensely. 


              I had a 1600 in it before and it worked perfectly.  The 2400G though has odd behavior.  When the screen shuts off after 15 minutes, the machine goes through a Plug and Play event, with the beeping notifications.  Does the same when I move the mouse to wake the screen up


              Ryzen Master sees the correct CPU, but no matter how I set it up in BIOS, clock speeds and voltages are bouncing all over the place.