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hdmi scaling resetting on hdtv used as 2nd monitor with newest adreneline drivers

Question asked by pschorr1123 on Feb 17, 2018
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2018 by pschorr1123

Hello, I have tried to update to the 18.1 and 18.2 adrenaline drivers after using DDU and doing a clean install. The issue is that after I set up the hdmi scaling slider bar within radeon settings, the HDMI scaling likes to reset itself on the tv any time I play any steam game. I had this problem with 17.12.1 but 17.12.2 fixed it. Prior to that I used the crimson drivers and never had an issue. The hdmi scaling is something that you only set once after installing a new gpu and never have to touch again. I haven't had much luck finding anyone else with this problem via google.

R7 1700 on Asrock X370 Tiachi, 16 GB 3600C16 SR Samsung B-die (3466 @14,14,14,14,30,44) Asus R9 390 Strix @factory oc,

Toshiba RD 400 NVME boot drive,500 GB Samsung 850 evo , 2x 3TB Toshiba DT01AC300, 1 5TB HDWE150, Corsair CX750M


Hooked up to 1 27" Acer XF270HU 144 hz IPS Freesync Panel via displayport and Phillips 40 ' 1080p tv via HDMI The TV lacks an option to disable the over scan.


Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.