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    [HELP] I just bought my new Ryzen setup, no beeps, no posting


      I just bought my new setup from Newegg, all shipped in today

      Went to go change out my system on my test bench


      Old setup:


      16GB RAM DDR3

      GTX 980ti x2


      New setup:

      Ryzen 5 2400G

      Gigabyte AX370

      16GB DDR4

      GTX 1080ti x2


      After setting everything up in my test bench, I cant get the motherboard to post. No beeps, no indications, nothing at all

      Tried resetting cmos, only having 1 stick of ram in dimm 1,  and even jumped my PSU to make sure that it wasn't dead.

      I have been reading that apparently I need to flash a bios update to support my new CPU? even though its the same socket and compatible with the motherboard?


      What would be the next thing I should do?


      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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          First thing you should do is return the 2400G and get an 1800X, you have dual 1080TIs, a 2400G isn't going to cut it. That will also solve your boot problems.

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            • I think only Gigabyte AB350N comes with out of the box BIOS support for Ryzen 5 2400G (not 100% sure). I tried entering your specs in PCPartPicker & it says there might be compatibility issues with Ryzen 2000G series processors unless BIOS is updated.
            • Just to ensure the power supply is not shutting off due to over load (very unlikely as I see the wattage is less for the new components), could you remove all the graphics card from your motherboard and try powering on.
            • If nothing works I guess you need to flash your BIOS. For this you will need a new processor as your motherboard supports only Q-Flash. Most likely AMD will ship a different processor to flash your BIOS but you will have to return it . Please find the link Unable to Boot New Desktop System Configured with AMD 2nd Generation Ryzen™ Desktop Processor, and AMD Socket AM4 Mother…
              • If you cannot wait that long, then you could return your current motherboard & get another one with Q-Flash Plus  - this enables BIOS to be updated from a USB without the need for a processor or RAM. This is again if you find Q-Flash Plus enabled motherboard for AM4.


            Please note, I am in the processing of researching on the parts needed for my Ryzen Build. I have not built one yet. Please keep this thread updated if you find a solution. I am curious.