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(18.2.2) Has stopped my USB ports from working, and there is no display to bios.

Question asked by sambamintheclam on Feb 17, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2018 by sambamintheclam

System Specs
Radeon Sapphire rx480 (8gb)

Windows 10

Radeon Adrenaline Edition 18.2.2
Samsung Curved Monitor 27" 1920x1080 @72hz HDMI

MSI 970a SLI Krait Edition

Radeon fx6350 unlocked black edition

Corsair CX600 bronze

HyperX 4x4 (16gb) ddr3


Recently I had heard about the new Adrenaline driver update and was pretty stoked, since it was an overall booster on the games I love to play. I started updating my drivers and once it reached 100% my USB's stopped working. At the time, I had thought that my PC had froze, so I forcefully shut it off via power button(I'm guessing this is where I went wrong). When I turned it back on, it booted up to the Windows log in and none of my USB ports are working. I thought I should boot up my bios to maybe revert the failed update, and when I try to enter bios now, there is no display... Not sure if there is a quick fix for this or if I just screwed up my PC! Please help!