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    Ryzen 3 2200g compatibel with linux?




      does anyone got experience with a ryzen 3 2200g apu with a linux distribution 64bit?

      i think i will buy it and use 4GB 2400 mhz ddr4 ram till the prices getting lower then i will buy

      more and higher ram

      is this ok for a linux system?

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          So I am now the proud owner of a 2200g with 16GB of  ram, my intention was to use this for a server, now I could do just that currently, I have Linux Mint Debian Edition loaded onto an SSD, no graphics support, makes sense, Debian uses old kernels. Tried Linux Mint 18.2, upgraded to the 4.15 kernal, no joy, CPU rendering still. Have tried Manjaro, using the 4.15 kernal, nope, using the 4.16 kernal, nope, I might add I have to boot both of those from fallback mode as the built one still has no idea how to address the APU. I'm going to try the closed source driver in a few though and get back to it here.  I will read https://www.phoronix.com/  and see if I can find a solution.




          That was fast, there are no AMD_GPU_PRO  drivers available yet, the only driver downloads are for windows, so no to that, back to phoronix.