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Nier: Automata is broken again on RX 580 with latest drivers (18.2.2)

Question asked by f0x on Feb 17, 2018
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I just installed Nier: Automata on WIndows 10 (with so called "Creators Update") with the latest drivers of 18.2.2 version and it crashed on the first cutscene with (right where little holographic window was supposed to come up) and without (right when all your allies blow up) FAR patch-mod. After doing literally everything physically possible and at least tangentially relevant nothing changed until I downgraded to driver 17.11.4 and, surprisingly, it stopped crashing in cutscenes... BUT I've got what is known to be "the sword effect crash" where it crashes randomly on sword attacks. Sometimes those crashes not just kill the game but hang entire system without the ability to switch it off, it being able to reset the driver or even go into Blue Screen.


So, my question are:

1) Is AMD going to fix its driver once and for all ?

2) What is the latest known version without crashes ?

3) Is there a way to use Mesa on Windows instead of this excuse of a driver ?

4) Can AMD gang up on Square Enix with Valve and Nvidia ? Or publicise detailed technical explanation for the root of the problem and expose incompetency ?


PS: "good" job on locking those threads...

hi, i'm having a white screen after 10min of playing this game 'NieR Automata' any solutions please ?

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