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AMD has serious HDMI driver problems (There is absolutely no support for it)

Question asked by on Feb 16, 2018

Yes, seriously, why does AMD, with each driver update, continuously lower the support for HDMI displays which are on TVs? I've seen so many suggestions for fixes, and I figured with the new driver, 18.2.2, AMD would AT LEAST have fixes to their problems that they've had for multiple years.


My biggest issue with this driver, is the fact that when I use a program (such as a game) that goes into full screen, and my screen flickers, it will change the HDMI scaling to something ridiculous where it will resize WAY smaller than what I originally had it set. It does this with every percentage I put for the HDMI scaling, unless it's set to 0%, in that case, I won't be able to see parts of my screen because of overscan issues with TVs.


This wouldn't be a problem if I could use the PC settings with a VGA cable properly, but this TV doesn't have an auto scaling feature, so even when I move the screen around, the most I can get is the screen only being partially off the TV to the left.


I /need/ the HDMI scaling to work, and plenty of other people have had issues in the past but everything I have tried, I cannot fix.


Most people are going to refer to me to go back to a previous driver, but I would like to have the 18.2.2 driver for Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


And if anyone is wondering, I'm using an RX 480 8GB.


There is also a problem with the scaling where if I use it at all, my 60 Hz TV is only allowed to display 30 Hz, unless using a fullscreen application.


So if either they fix the fullscreen scaling issue, or they make it where I can have 60 Hz without fullscreen, I would be okay.