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    Using 4 displays on FirePro W4100


      Dear Community.


      i wann use 4 HDMI display on a FirePro 4100.

      I installed the card and all work fine. But i can get only 3 diyplay work.

      i usd mDP Adpaters


      1 mDP > VGA

      2 mDP > HDMI


      on the fourth mDP Port the disply is recocnized but i cant activate the 4th disyplay.


      i triy to use 3 mDP to HDMI Adapters but this wont work. only the configuration above.


      I found a lot of entries in Forums and tutorials. but in Detail i dont know what to do.


      one entry gives the advice to use Active mDP > HDMI Adapters.

      is this the solution? or to use a Hub. ? but what kind of Hub?




      I would be very happy if someone could give me a solution.


      Thanks and Kind regards for your help.