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GL702ZC - Wattman doesn't exist in drivers?

Question asked by deksman2 on Feb 15, 2018
Latest reply on May 27, 2018 by bazwyn

The GL702ZC laptop has a desktop grade RX 580 inside with 4GB VRAM and a desktop Ryzen 1700.


I was wondering, why isn't Wattman showing up in any of the Adrenaline drivers under Global settings and does AMD plan to do something about this?

I have supplied a picture of what my Adrenaline drivers look like (I'm running the latest ones).

This laptop seems to be a real success, but we need Wattman to undervolt the GPU on the VRAM as well as a core.


Latest MSI Afterburner can only be used to undervolt the core clocks (I was able to get a stable -93mV across all workloads, and even -100mV works sometimes), however, MSI Afterburner does not offer VRAM undervolting (which I think is needed, because running 2000 MhZ at 1V seems a bit high... we might be able to get away with a lower voltage on the memory and further decrease temperatures and power draw (not to mention allowing us to reduce voltages on other P states as well).

Maximum temperatures with -93mV are in the area of 73 - 75 degrees Celsius - which is of course a lot better than 85-88 degrees C without undervolting... and of course, it helps keep the laptop fans in check too.


Also, having Wattman in drivers for this GPU would remove the need from constantly fiddling with MSI Afterburner, as Wattman is also a program specifically designed to work with AMD hardware (giving us better control over it).