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    rx 580 input problems


      Hello Iam having an issue with my new rx 580 card, J am trying to connect three monitors. if I connect two it works in Windows....but going to Eyefinity it says "input not supported". If I try to connect three in Windows,,,it says "input not supported" I have tried active and passive adapters and a  MST hub I have changed the cables. I have updated the AMD software. I have reseated the card. I gave a PS rated at 750. I am running Windows 10 (updated) with a ROG mb 34meg of ram. The monitors are Acer K272HLs. I have been fighting with this for a month and I am at a loss.

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          I have solved this problem on my own... seems it was the monitors I was using......I now have four up and running. However using eyefinity I can go to quick setup option but when I click on "try advance setup" nothing happens....just the main amd screen appears.... how do I get inot the advance setup....running Adrenalin 18.2.1?