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r9 270 vs r7 240 radeon graphics.

Question asked by yellowflash9012 on Feb 14, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by black_zion

Hey all I have a question I recently bought a new pc for my wife that much mirrors my own pc but the problem is although we have the exact same components minus the graphics card I can run games like fortnite or vanilla skyrim or the forest and high to ultra graphics and get at the very least 60 frames ( thats all I want for now because our monitors are 60 hz) and her pc cant even run the forest now matter how low the graphics are set let alone skyrim and with fortnite she has to have the settings on the lowest too even approach 60 frames.  we both have an i5 quad core 3.1 GHz 8 GB DDR3 my graphics card is a radeon r9 270 sapphire edition and hers is a radeon r7 240 When installing her GPU I did notice that mine plugs into the PSU as well as the normal slot in the MOBO whereas hers does not plug into the PSU I didnt think that would make much difference because they are still both 2048 MB graphics cards. Did a get a wrong GPU?