Crimson 17.X and Adrenaline 18.X - Radeon Pro Duo (FIJI) - x299 i9 7900x Driver Incompatibility

Discussion created by icarus on Feb 13, 2018
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Upon re-installing a fresh copy of Windows 10 1709, x299 chipset drivers, ME drivers, and installing 17.X/18.X Radeon Drivers I was having issues with BSOD (no error, black screen, power off) a few minutes after login or if I opened task manager.


I thought it was an issue with the PCI-E 16x slot, so I moved it up to the 16X slot nearest to the CPU - no fix. Refreshed mobo BIOS driver - no fix. 1000watt platinum psu - not a power delivery issue. Ran 3 different memory tests - RAM working fine.


Finally I decided to not install the Radeon Drivers on another fresh installation of Windows but install all the relevant mobo drivers. The issue was gone, and device manager saw the Pro Duo (FIJI) as a Microsoft Basic Display Adapter. I started to run benchmarks on CPU, RAM + GPU without any display drivers installed and everything worked fine.


Finally realising that It was a software incompatibility, I went through the previous versions of Radeon Drivers until I discovered the problem no longer occurred with Crimson 16.12.2, but any version newer than this will cause the problem again.


I have always had AMD GPU's in my rigs since I started my journey into high end computing over a decade ago. I still have my crossfire HD5870 rig as a keepsake and I have never had compatibility issues like this.


In 2016 when my office burnt down, I decided to go with this Pro Duo for my new rig, which I have had a love hate relationship with ever since. I take great pride in that I have a very rare and cutting edge card which has marked a massive evolution in GPU technology but I have been quite plagued by compatibility issues and support with this unique card, so having the latest drivers is essential to get the most of out of this card.


If anyone at AMD is reading this I would really appreciate it if you could please look into this issue.




Windows 10 1709/1511 and Radeon Pro Duo (Fiji) with i9 7900x/MSI X299 M7 ACK is not compatible with Adrenaline 18.X and Crimson 17.X drivers but has full compatibility with 16.X drivers. Long time AMD fan would love a fix to this as I spent $2200AUD on this card, and still really love the raw performance although there are some compatibility issues even when working flawlessly.