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No signal to monitor after underscan correction

Question asked by paddyb on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 23, 2018 by paddyb

I’ve recently corrected an underscan problem using the reg hack detailed here:


I did this when I got a new 1080p monitor/TV  and it worked fine, but the problem reappeared after installing the latest version of Win 10. The reg hack still works to solve the underscan, but when I start the machine, the monitor no longer picks up the signal. My older 4:3 monitor, which use as a second screen, still works ok though.


As the 1080p monitor/TV is my primary screen, I really need to fix this. Strangely, if I reboot, the screen will work, but not from a cold start.

Hope someone can help.


My system:

Dell Vostro 430

I7 860

ATi Radion 4300

8gb Ram

Samsung SSD 840


Primary Monitor: LG Flatron M2280D Monitor TV

Secondary Monitor: Dell 1024x768