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    No signal to monitor after underscan correction


      I’ve recently corrected an underscan problem using the reg hack detailed here:



      I did this when I got a new 1080p monitor/TV  and it worked fine, but the problem reappeared after installing the latest version of Win 10. The reg hack still works to solve the underscan, but when I start the machine, the monitor no longer picks up the signal. My older 4:3 monitor, which use as a second screen, still works ok though.


      As the 1080p monitor/TV is my primary screen, I really need to fix this. Strangely, if I reboot, the screen will work, but not from a cold start.

      Hope someone can help.


      My system:

      Dell Vostro 430

      I7 860

      ATi Radion 4300

      8gb Ram

      Samsung SSD 840


      Primary Monitor: LG Flatron M2280D Monitor TV

      Secondary Monitor: Dell 1024x768

        • Re: No signal to monitor after underscan correction

          Just for reference, this eventually solved itself. I tried connecting the monitor using VGA, but it still wouldn't pick up a signal on a cold boot, but would work if I then rebooted. After living with this for a few days, it suddenly started working! Now switched back to HDMI, and that is working ok too. Windows / ATI  must have worked out something was wrong and fixed it.