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In 18.2.2 the problem with the captured sound of the microphone follows

Question asked by x0c0lait on Feb 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2018 by bubboteam

Hello, in this new version you are still without fixing this problem, problem that started at 18.1.1 and continues, you have broken the relive ...........


Mic Test on Relive 18.2.2 - YouTube



I go back to 17.12.2 where everything works well, it's not my sound card´s driver's problem, it's not my sound card's problem, it's your driver's problem once again, you'll know you've played in 18.1.1 to break the relive, I carry ATI / AMD graphics from the Radeon 9100 but lately you are destroying something every time you pull out some new drivers, first the problem that took months to repair with the stutter on netflix / amazon video and HBO and now this , my next graphic will be Nvidia, I'm tired of absurd failures.

It has been a pleasure to use graphic videos all these years but it's over.