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AMD processor and grafics improvemente

Question asked by elio_sousa on Feb 12, 2018

Hi to Amd and Ati teams and Fans!


A question??


If you can cause the processor with cores that are not to do nothing being used to improve the 3D graphics ,using ram and hbm2 memory to improving  performace a quality grafics .


Leaving 1 processar to control the usage of processar cores amd memory.


I know this is  a dificulte task and gains is not much ,because cores of processor is design for that , but in long run if can the improvements can  be visabel.


thats my option(in the future more amd more pc/servers multi-pocessor and multi-grafics whid multi-cores and multipel types of memory [looking like a netwotk or could] .


They coud work tugether to improve 3D[ 3 and 4 sides polygons]|gaming/simulations/designs...) .


And also Apus grafics coud also improve the main grafics   But i don't about multi-split screen is viabel i perfere multi-frame.


Plz continuation whid good and transperante work!







I love to put yours brains in meltdown costant!!