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Ryzen 1600x XFR and other issues after BIOS upgrade to (AX370 5) F20

Question asked by axelalexson on Feb 11, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2018 by hardcoregames™

Recently updated my BIOS to F20 (Gigabyte AX370 gaming 5 board)
Noticed that the update made Memory much easier to run with the XMP profile working like a charm.
-XFR is not operational anymore. The CPU is stock, never been touched. Yet XFR (Or Core Performance Boost) While set on Auto does not work. None of my cores goes over 3,7 GHz (they used to reach 4,1GHz in F8 BIOS stock) This does ruin performance a bit by about 10% (CinnebenchR15 dropped from 1262 down to 1105)
All CPU freq and Volt settings are set to auto. CPB is Auto. No idea why it wont boost at all.


-Linux does not boot anymore. Can't seem to get GRUB2 to boot anymore. Used to work perfectly with F8. Nothing happened apart from changing F8 to F20. Also can't find the (preferred OS:) option that F8 used to have.


Hope to hear of ideas on how to fix this