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    Error 31 on one of my 3  rx 580 power color


        tried to re install driver, boot

      removed all cards tried pci 16 alone, boot

      tried re install win 10 ,  boot

      tried  net stop wuauserv, cryptsvc,bits and msiserv.  boot

      disonect net

      nothing seem to work. ANY ONE ? KNOW HOW TO RECOVER the driver. ?

      Dammed 10h fight with this error



      win 10 pro  64bit  ver 1709

      celeron3900 2.8ghz


      tx in advance

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          This is the meaning of Error 31 in Device Manager from Microsoft in Windows 10:

          Code 31 "This device is not working properly...(Code 31)"

          Full Error Message

          This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

          Recommended Resolution

          Reinstall the device driver using the Hardware Update wizard

          1. From Start, search for device manager and select Device Manager from the results.
          2. Right-click the device in the list.
          3. On the menu that appears, choose Update Driver to start the Hardware Update wizard.

          Note You may be prompted to provide the path of the driver.  If you are asked for the driver and you do not have it, you can try to download the latest driver from the hardware vendor’s website.

          Are you trying to set up a Mining Rig with Three RX-580 GPU cards?  If you are you need to download the Blockchain Driver from AMD and install it.

          Are all three GPU cards physically installed directly on your Motherboard's PCIe slots or are you using a Riser for one of them?

          Please give the following information according to AMD Forum : INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION


          Try the following in case you missed something:

          First make sure your Windows 10 is fully updated via Windows Update including the "Optional" updates. Delete from the Root Directory C:\AMD folder. Also make sure your Motherboard has the latest BIOS and Chipset installed.

          Second download the latest AMD Driver for the RX-580 from AMD Support.

          Third use Windows Uninstall to uninstall all AMD driver and software than use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) in safe mode to erase all traces of the AMD Driver and software. Make sure you are disconnected  from the internet (Disable WiFI or remove ethernet cable). Let DDU reboot the computer after finishing.

          Fourth Reinstall the AMD driver and see if all three are showing.


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              ty for your reply


              the 3 cards were working for ab 48h  fresh install until i asume a update of window 10 occured.


              all mentioned step carried out except the DDU ,as it was mentioned that can be dangerous results .




              most concerning is  even  re installing a different version 1703 instead of 1709 , same error keep coming.

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                also  " First make sure your Windows 10 is fully updated via Windows Update including the "Optional"


                i try to avoid all the crap that  microsoft is loading in their update. that is how they get systems disrupted.... they make a buch os updates and they have no clue how its going to affect peoples hardware then we spend days to re configure  our system. they faulty update cost damages  10 time more than the licence  itselfe.


                MY ADVICE DO NOT USE WIN 10. its garbage

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                    I understand you reluctance in updating your Windows completely but unfortunately, AMD Drivers needs to have Windows totally updated to work correctly. Especially the "Optional" updates. Most knowledgeable people here in AMD Forum all recommend to update Windows OS completely before installing the latest AMD Driver set. You can skip the Windows Driver updates, that doesn't prevent the AMD driver set from installing and working correctly. I have mine turned off in Windows 10 Pro.


                    I haven't had any problems using DDU. It has been very effective in deleting all traces of my GPU Driver software and set. It just deletes everything to do with the Display driver and related software. If you are not confident in using DDU, then use AMD own Cleanup Utility. I am not familiar with that so I can't say how well it works. These program not only deletes physically the files and folders left over but also deletes and cleans the registry of traces left from the uninstall. Those leftover registries are ones that can cause problems with installing a new driver.


                    Windows last couple of Updates seemed to have caused major problems with most computers. I had Asus AI Suite II installed since I got my Motherboard and found out the last update bricked the software for both Asus AI Suite II & III. Needed to manually uninstall the software. Just an example of problem from the latest Windows updates.