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AMD A10-9600P in loads works at minimum frequencies

Question asked by mobicktm on Feb 10, 2018

@Hey. I have a laptop based on the AMD A10-9600P processor and noticed that in games it works very poorly, a little faster than the Intel Pentium N3710. The notebook warms on the average 50-60 degrees, but in games it works at a frequency of 1.9 MHz, rarely 2.4 MHz. The more it is loaded, the less its operating frequency. HP Notebook 15ba028ur. At a frequency of 3.2 MHz, it works only in the browser and on the desktop. What to do? amd overdrive does not work with it. Everywhere in the settings is the maximum performance, setting power Windows 10 is also the maximum performance. And I'm not the only one. I created a question in YouTube for the Russian community, everyone has such a problem. People start to regret that they did not buy intel.


And more - in games the video card 4096 MBATI AMD Radeon R8 M445D is involved. I do not expect much from it, and I set minimum or average values. BUT we are talking about the frequency of the processor, which does not correspond to the description and declared characteristics.

My video on  YouTube about this problem here AMD занижает производительность ноутбуков! Шок контент! - YouTube (but, today video support only Ru language, later will be added the English version)