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    Problem with Radeon Adrenalin


      Hello, guys. I've installed  Radeon Adrenalin (18.2.1). But can't find it. My Graphic card is Radeon Strix RX460 4 Gb. ROG. Can you explain me, why?

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          Please follow the AMD Forum about posting : INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION .


          If Laptop please give exact Make & Model plus Make & Model of APU with Discrete Graphic and Integrated Graphics. What Windows Version are your running? 


          Explain further by what you mean that you can't FIND the Radeon Adrenalin?  Are you saying that the Radeon Menu doesn't show?

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              Sounds like a Desktop card.Best option is which worked for me was boot to safemode. Have a copy of DDU on a flash drive & wipe all your drivers. Run a Registry cleaner like CC cleaner to clear any errors which arise. Install if you can 17.12.1 driver its what i am running on the Sapphire pulse RX560OC 4G atm most stable atm i found. Tho ashuming you running on Windows 10 which the creators update has played havoc on AMD builds atm not fun i been on the end of that with 2 desktops lessons learnt new things i have found. Try the easy stuff first maybe something overlooked.