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Error 1603 – A General Error Has Occurred After Driver Update For Radeon HD 8750M Windows 10

Question asked by killerbrambo88 on Feb 9, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by amdmatt

I have ran into alot of problems with my AMD drivers lately. Let me explain my situation: So i got this new laptop (windows 10) with a 32bit software version to play games like Overwatch and work on Solidworks, a program i need for college. But you can't download those applications on a x32bit version of windows. So I downloaded and installed the x64 version of windows myself (yes my processor is x64) and Overwatch runned fine for me at 40-50FPS on medium-high settings which was definitly good enough for me. But i couldn't open Solidworks and after some research they told me to delete my old drivers and install the newest ones. So said, so done, everything properly installed (from these links: AMD Clean Uninstall Utility and Download Drivers ) but Overwatch ran very bad afterwards. I got +-10FPS on low settings despite Overwatch was set to work on the AMD drivers and on high performance.


I contacted the Overwatch helpdesk and they said my drivers where outdated since 2015 but that was not possible. They told me i should remove them again and install them manually, because the driver installation app detected my drivers and installed them automatically. I did this again but now i couldn't open the Radeon settings application, whatever i tried. I deleted the software (again) and installed my drivers (again) but this time it gave me error code 1603. I did everything on the help page (Error 1603 – A General Error Has Occurred During the Installation of the AMD Software Package ) but without results.


-DxDiag, MSinfo and report error 1603 are attached.



I'm getting pretty annoyed right now, i hope there is a fix, i don't know what to do anymore.


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