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    GPU only outputting a signal after reconnecting cable


      Good day,


      I have a problem concerning my Sapphire RX 480. Like half the time I boot up my computer, the GPU will not output any signal until i pull out the DP-Cable and plug it in again. Then it works flawlessly. I have tried the other DP-Output on the primary GPU, however the problem still occurs. So my guess is that the error lies within the software.


      I do not have the lastest drivers because the lastest drivers are often messing up my fps during gaming (because of crossfire, I have 2 480's)

      Is the driver to blame, or something else? I could try swapping the videocards and try the outputs of the other one.

      What should I do?


      Thank you



      Relevant Specs:


      CPU: Intel i5-6600

      GPU1: Sapphire Nitro RX 480 8GB

      GPU2: Asus Dual RX480 4GB

      MB: Asus Z170-A

      1st monitor: Acer XF240H 24''

      2nd monitor: ViewSonic VX2257-mhd 22''

      Driver: 17.6,2