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WSL driver support

Question asked by wsluser on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by dipak

I would like an official answer from AMD on this. I'm not interested in hearing people's opinion. Only facts and theories that are constructive to this thread if you're not from AMD. With the support of AF_Unix on Windows and the release of Insider build 17093, there is now WSL interop with Windows AF_Unix for socket streams. This means in theory, a driver file installed on Windows could be passed to WSL. This obvious issue here is the fact it's a Windows driver, not a Linux driver unless some type of interop was created by hardware vendors such as AMD here or by Microsoft. However because the file can be passed, there could be the simpler solution of simply having code put into the file that contains the Linux driver essentials that are commented out and not run through Windows but could be run under a WSL Distribution, we'll say Ubuntu as it's officially on the Windows Store. Is this possible or could AF_Unix be utilized at all to expose the hardware Windows uses to WSL? If something in between, what would be the best approach for this and how long would it take to implement with the understanding that if it's now possible, this would recieve the highest priority for AMD devs to allow developers who use WSL to finally address huge performance issues, especially when performing mmap functions. The fix for Meltdown is expected to slow all platforms down slightly. This performance drop may not noticeable from a user perspective, but it will be noticeable to a developer. This question is created with the understanding we don't currently have a systemd, therefore no udev to speak of at this time due to proprietary init from Microsoft being used at this time . (We do now have fstab support though, so there's a win).