No Dual Graphics option or Crossfire...

Discussion created by llucive on Feb 8, 2018

So, almost 18 months ago I posted on here asking about why nothing ran as fast as I thought they should. I was told to download new drivers to get my Dual Graphics option for my AMD A10 7300 (Radeon R6) APU and my Radeon R7 discrete GPU. SO after a long time of trying and repairing and all of that good stuff, I still don't have a Dual Graphics or Crossfire option... When I open my game settings in Radeon Settings, neither of my GPUs listed have the option to enable crossfire. When I open the application GPUZ, it states that I have Crossfire available.


I would really like some help with this as I spent a LOT of money on the laptop but I don't get to use it to the full potential.


Here is an image of what my Radeon Settings looks like, unless I'm incredible stupid and am doing something wrong, I have no idea why there's no option.


Thank you so much in advance!Screenshot (23).png