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AMD Overdrive does not restore Night Light setting after resuming from hibernate

Question asked by timwood0 on Feb 8, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by goodplay

This bug is closely related to my other posting.


On my box, (AMD A10-6800K, MSI 2AE0 mobo, 20GB RAM, WIndows 10 Pro), when I hibernate the machine then power it back on, the Night Light setting is left as it was at the time of hibernation, instead of resetting per the schedule by the current time of day.


Related problem: The Settings dialog does not let me toggle Night Light, and it doesn't get back in sync with the schedule unless I reboot.  I read an MS help page that says this is an issue with the display driver.


  1. Right-click Desktop>Display Settings>Display.
  2. Turn on Night Light.  Schedule to come on 1 minute from now and to turn off 3 minutes from now.
  3. Wait for NL to come on; observe screen color temp. change.
  4. Hibernate the machine; wait past the time you set for NL to turn off.
  5. Power the machine back on.
  6. Observe that NL is still on. 

Note that this problem does not occur during normal reboot, when the display driver reinitializes.


It looks like the display driver hould detect resumption from hibernate and set NL per the schedule.  Also, it should enable the NL control, since NL does take effect per the (locked) configuration.