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BUG of AMD redeon r7 M260

Question asked by easizm on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2018 by benman2785

          My notebook amd card is AMD redeon r7 M265,Then I only download the diver of  AMD redeon r7 M260 for win10 64bit,(Version 1703).

Now I code some render code with Directx11 and HLSL5. One of steps is writing data to RWTexure2D (32*19 size)

with GroupID(GroupID with 32*19).Code is here:

               [numthreads(THREAD_NUM_X, THREAD_NUM_Y, 1)]

               void main(uint3 DispatchID:SV_DispatchThreadID,uint3 GThreadID: SV_GroupThreadID,uint3 TileIndex: SV_GroupID)


                         float A;

                         //MaxDepth[TileIndex.xy] = 6;

                         InterlockedExchange(MaxDepth[TileIndex.xy].x, 6, A);

                         InterlockedExchange(MinDepth[TileIndex.xy].x, 7, A);

                         //MinDepth[TileIndex.xy] = 7;


And I read UAV Data,But I got some false result.


Then I tried others GraphcisCard like intel UMA GraphcisCard  .I got correct result.