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    BUG of AMD redeon r7 M260


                My notebook amd card is AMD redeon r7 M265,Then I only download the diver of  AMD redeon r7 M260 for win10 64bit,(Version 1703).

      Now I code some render code with Directx11 and HLSL5. One of steps is writing data to RWTexure2D (32*19 size)

      with GroupID(GroupID with 32*19).Code is here:

                     [numthreads(THREAD_NUM_X, THREAD_NUM_Y, 1)]

                     void main(uint3 DispatchID:SV_DispatchThreadID,uint3 GThreadID: SV_GroupThreadID,uint3 TileIndex: SV_GroupID)


                               float A;

                               //MaxDepth[TileIndex.xy] = 6;

                               InterlockedExchange(MaxDepth[TileIndex.xy].x, 6, A);

                               InterlockedExchange(MinDepth[TileIndex.xy].x, 7, A);

                               //MinDepth[TileIndex.xy] = 7;


      And I read UAV Data,But I got some false result.


      Then I tried others GraphcisCard like intel UMA GraphcisCard  .I got correct result.