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Applictions not running on dedicated AMD drivers since update

Question asked by killerbrambo88 on Feb 7, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by killerbrambo88

Hello everyone!


I had a 32bit version of windows installed and wanted to upgrade to a 64bit version of windows 10. I did this myself and everything worked fine, but i couldn't run a couple of games like minercaft. So i downloaded the Radeon driver uninstaller, rebooted, then ran the AMD driver & software application and installed new drivers. After that, i could run minecraft, but it refused to work on the dedicated AMD drivers and now works on the integrated intel core drivers despite i added minecraft+java in the radeon driver settings application. When i play Overwatch, my FPS was a lot lower after the new driver update, and the gpu temperature shows 0°. BEFORE i updated the drivers i did not have this problem on overwatch.


The second problem i'm experiencing is that Solidworks (an app i need for school) refuses to start. I get the following error: "failed to initialize visual basic for apps, equadations and macros will not work. are you low on disc space?"  followed by: "runtime error  R6025  -pure virtual function call". I'm not sure if the second problem is related to the drivers, but anyways i don't know what to do anymore.


(Dxdiag and MSinfo in atachments)