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Micro stuttering after updating driver to 18.2.1

Question asked by luciard on Feb 7, 2018

So today I decided to update my graphic card to 18.2.1, however after installing and restart my laptop, i notice that there's some stuttering that happened once every few seconds.

This happens not only when playing games or watching videos, but even when im just moving my mouse on the desktop.

I have this same issues to whenever i try to update my graphic card to other version like 17.11.4, 17.7.4 and 17.12.1.

Before I was using Crimson ReLive 17.4.2 which works perfectly fine without these stuttering

I can't play with this stuttering, so I dunno what I should do now.


I'm using a laptop btw, HP 15-AF109NF

AMD A8-7410 with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics

AMD Radeon R5 M330 2GB

DDR3 4gb ram @ 800mhz

DirectX 12

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit