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Graphics card stopped being used after installing hardddrive

Question asked by scott01 on Feb 8, 2018
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A month ago I got a radeon rx550 graphics card for my pc. It installed and worked fine. Graphics looked amazing. Then a week ago I got a 2tb harddrive and installed it. When we plugged in the tower and started it up I noticed something felt off like the graphics on my desktop didnt look right. I tested it in a game of team fortress 2 it didn't look as good as it used too. Too confirm it I went to a program called Source filmmaker to see if it gave me the error it did before radeon. It said my graphics card did not meet the requirements to run it. Which it used to say before radeon because it doesnt work with intel (which got me to purchase a graphics card in the first place) and when I looked further the default graphics card being used was intel yet when I look in device manage radeon is there. It works but stopped being used. What happened?