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Fallout 4 Game Crashes on Startup

Question asked by nineywho on Feb 6, 2018

Fallout 4 has, for 10 months, refused to start up. The action of simply hitting "Play" on the game's launcher results in a black screen, then the monitor turning off, followed by both the .exe crashing and needing to be closed, as well as my GPU saying that it momentarily deactivated.

I have tried a load of solutions relating to the game itself in an attempt to just simply play the game:

  • Removed all Mods: No change
  • Verified Game Cache, Reinstalled game, Changed Graphic options in every way possible: Nothing.
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled AMD Drivers: Nothing.
  • Deleting .ini files Fallout4, Fallout4Prefs, and Fallout4Custom: Nothing
  • Disabling all 3 different Anti-virus/Malware/Spyware applications: Nothing
  • Running the Game and Steam in Administrator Mode: Nothing
  • Disabling Steam Overlay/Running game in Big Game mode: Nothing
  • Have the latest version of DirectX: Nothing
  • Running the game in both Windowed and Borderless Windowed mode: Nothing
  • Removing FPS limits: Nothing

All I have yet to try is one more fruitless option, which would be using Selective Startup mode to spend a couple hours in an attempt to find what program is causing the game to simply crash before even getting to the main menu.

Another issue I have is that, any attempts to fix this using MSI Afterburner have somehow resulted in that program being harmful to my computer. Simply opening it and adjusting a single option on fan speed control would crash my computer.

But that is besides the point of this article: If I can just get Fallout 4 to work without using MSI and (hopefully) without using Selective Startup mode, I'd be happy. I have every DLC for the game, and I deserve to be able to play it, instead of being constantly met with a technologically enigmatic brick wall. Any new recommendations, or if possible, someone who has been through the exact problem would be helpful.

My GPU is an- Actually, while typing this, I went to check my Radeon settings for what my GPU is, but now the Radeon Settings window is just a blank "metal"plate with no buttons on it. I can click the buttons, but they do not appear. This chalks up another issue.

Will attach dxDiag file.