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Is it possible to reset settings?

Question asked by squishychs on Feb 6, 2018


I tried to play a new game yesterday, which kept crashing until I updated my graphics drivers.  That went well, but my 2 monitor setup stopped working so I only played on a single screen.  After gaming however I tried to set up my monitors to how I had it before, but because that only seemed to work out by accident last time, I had no idea what I was doing and the same this time.  I think while messing with eyefinity, I somehow got my drivers to meddle with my monitor and when I load my computer up I only get a black screen with 'out of range' which I read could either be resolution or refresh rate.  I managed to remove the drivers in safe mode, and also used the clean uninstall utility and looked into DDU (though I'm not sure if it will even do what I want).  The main problem is that when I reinstall the drivers after a 'clean uninstall', I get the same issue like the drivers are reading some config or settings from somewhere, and I cant edit those settings without the drivers installed (as far as I'm aware), so I'm wondering if there's a way to remove these settings also if they actually exist, or maybe there's a much simpler solution.

Im really sorry if there is already a more relevant post in existence but I looked around for a few hours now and Im a little frustrated.