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    RX 470 - low Heaven 4.0 Benchmark


      My setup:
      Ryzen 5 1600X, ASRock X370 Killer, 16GB Team Vulcan DDR4 3000, Samsung SSD for OS and Games (250x2, 500x1), XFX RX 470 4GB, XFX XTR 750w PSU.

      AMD Crimson 17.7 drivers

      In Heaven 4.0 1440p (vsync on or off) I get a score of 599.  I have seen other RX 470s getting a much higher score.


      Any thoughts?

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          Is a tad low, should be getting 750-800 according to Techporn and HotHardware, but I only trust Haven for a stability benchmark. How about your performance in actual games?




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              I get around 20-30FPS in world boss and WvW zergs (usually 50-100 players) in GW2, which is mostly CPU based.4


              Games that use GPU I can get 75+, unless I use VSync, which I do in most games to prevent screen tearing, in which I get 60FPS stable, most of the time.


              This is playing @ 4k (3840x2160) usually High/Ultra all settings.


              Guess it just benches bad but performance is still good enough.  What is funny is I do not see much performance gain in some games whether I play with or without Vertical Sync.