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No Sound From Samsug t32e310ew Connected Via HDMI - HD6570 Windows 7

Question asked by fdgod on Feb 6, 2018
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My problem is that I just bought a new tv and wanted to try out HDMI things. I successfully pluged in everything and learned everything how to use 2 monitor at the same time but wanted to watch a movie and I have realized that there is no audio from the tv/monitor even if it's detected in my pc and set as default audio device. I have read a lot about this and as i can figure it out, the problem may be the drivers or something with the Catalyst Control Center but I'm newbie in these things.

Here i can give you some information about my PC and the tv/monitor:


About the Tv: it's a Samsug t32e310ew tv/monitor

I have and old PC, with one strange/old HDMI output

One more thing I have realized is that when i set the tv as default and start a music program like virtual dj it wil say that "no sound card"


Help me Ehm sorry for bad grammar.


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