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Loadbalancing RemoteApp Server

Question asked by sergej31231 on Feb 6, 2018
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Good morning AMD community,


I'm new here, so I hope I did everything right.


I wanted to hear your opinion about my plans:

We want to replace old CAD workstations. My idea was to replace these 20 workstations with 2-3 large servers with multiple graphics cards.

I am very determined to implement this project, but I have only one try. These devices cost a lot of money, that's why the project must be effective.



I want to create an Remote Desktop App Farm and assign installed Remoteapps to ~20 CAD users.

Very strong server will be provided by Dell. My idea is to configure multiple W7100 cards into the server and load balance multiple users on this cards.

I already testet RemoteFX with discarded Servers, that worked very well. Reaction time for PTC Creo

was like using workstation (on old HP Terminals).


My fear

The worst case that could happen is that crossfire loadbalancing wouldn work. If only one card is utilized by all process instances / users, while the other

cards (which might cost several thousand euros) do nothing !

The most important goal for me ist to achieve any laodbalancing between grafics cards.

The load must be shared between grafics cards. I do not care if every user will be assigned to the next grafics card or if the total load is shared

between cards. The most important thing is that all cards are definitely utilized.


Has somebody any idea how to achieve loadbalancing between cards. (I know that with two cards you do not get twice the performance, and that there are always a few losses).

The most important thing is that all graphics cards work and there are no graphics cards bored.


How to achieve this?


I look forward to your answers


Nice greetings from Germany


Sergej Erfurt