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Blackscreen after driver update @ HD Radeon 7700

Question asked by chribo on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2018 by igbe

Hey community,


I've got a very recent problem with the HD Radeon 7700. It's not my own PC so I got not 100% of the information you guys may need (see below)


The PC got a blackscreen in the middle of gaming - after a reboot you can see that Windows is starting (Windows 7), but after that the screen is blank.

Blank as in the display is still on, but black. You can tell there are some processes happening in the back.


I tried a lot, but still didn't get a solution to that problem.

What I did was:


System Fixes provided by microsoft, i.e. chkdsk, sfc-scan, Boot-Repair-Disk, Windows Repair-Tools

Re-Install Win 7 with the newest driver & WSUS Offline

Re-Install Win 7 with an older driver version & WSUS Offline

(^ these two also with Windows Updates Online)

Install Windows 10 and Online Updates including the graphics driver


Is there anything left I could try?

As long as I dont update the drivers for the graphics card, the PC will boot normally. After an update, it stays blank.


To explain it in easy words: When you boot the PC you can see it is booting windows, but after that it looks like someone unplugged the connection cable (but the screen stays on)


Is anyone else experiencing this?

If I missed any information, please ask & I'll tell you.