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Help Configuring Switchable Graphics To Use The High Performance GPU - R9 M385X 17.12.1

Question asked by reazzi on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 2, 2019 by kingfish

Hey guys, PLEASE help me!

So I've had this problem for ages now, and with this new driver: 17.12.1 (AMD website detected this is the newest driver for me) still cant get it to work.

So my problem is: I have 2 videocards: R9 M385X (the normal video card) and R7 (the integrated video card)

And it says the R7 (obviously a lot weaker than R9) is my primary video card and I just can't find an option to change it to R9.

And in graphics options, if i choose from High Performance it still chooses the R7 one.

Please tell me how can I change it to R9, so my games can run properly.

Thanks in advance!


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