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    Adrenalin + RX Vega + Fallout4 + Exiting Game = Unstable/Corrupt Windows Desktop


      With either 18.1.1 or 18.2.1 Adrenalin Drivers, whenever I exit a session of Fallout 4 the desktop of my primary monitor becomes unstable.   My guess it is some kind of Enhanced Sync/Freesync issue.   The desktop is technically 'visible' but everything flickers and shifts around on the screen which screams some kind of hsync or timing issue to me.   Only the primary monitor is affected, the secondary displays normally.   The last few 17.x drivers all work fine, the issue was definitely introduced in 18.1.1.   A clean install of a 17.12.1 or 17.11.x series will run fine.


      System specs are

      Ryzen 1800X on ASUS C6H

      Sapphire RX Vega 64

      Win 10 Pro 16229

      2x Nixeus 2560x1440 144Hz freesync monitors, both using DP connection



      The CPU is clocked to 4 GHz and has been running flawlessly for over 9 months.

      The GPU is at stock clocks and is using the Balanced GPU profile.

      The game is set to use Enhanced Sync (as well as global settings)

      FPS is capped to 60 fps in the global settings

      HBCC is disabled