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Huge Fps drop after windows 10 update

Question asked by potop8784 on Feb 5, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2018 by kingfish

Hi, yestarday i updated my windows (that "very important one")
after that update , i immediately faced a huge fps drop in all my games
exmp Dota2 120 -> 20-30
Witcher3 50-60 -> 15-20


my hardware


amd fx8350 8core 4.0ghz
amd radeon 7950
ssd 120gb

16gb ram

windows 10


than i started to do some moves:


1 updated my crimson driver - didnt help;

2 uninstalled it with amd clean up utility and did clean installation  - didnt help;

3 again uninstalled with acuu and !!!installed from windows update centre!!! -  it WORKS;

4 today, after turning on my computer i faced the same problem (fps drop) , i went to the very begging of this question;

5 i did 3 step again and it again worked!


so if somebody knows how to break this hell circle , plz help





Best wishes!