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AMD Northbridge fault

Question asked by rml1 on Feb 4, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 29, 2018 by rml1

My 2 daughters have bought similar model hp laptops with AMD A4-9120 RADEON R3 processors.


The first laptop reset itself three times in five days. On each occasion I got a critical error Kernel-Power 41 in the event viewer followed up a few seconds later with a WHEA-Logger entry saying "A fatal hardware error has occurred Component AMD Northbridge". I took it back to Tescos and they replaced it with another one, but she has only had it 2 days, I have not even finished downloading the Windows Updates when it reset itself and the same error is in the log file. Her sister has now reported hers is doing the same thing, and the same errors are in her event viewer.


Before I take them both back again, what is this error and why am I getting it with 3 out of 3 brand new laptops?