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compatibility universal audio dsp

Question asked by the_bloodlust on Feb 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2018 by pokester

Big issue, and its seems that i'm not the only one.


i own 2 audio dsp card from the company universal audio

models uad2 solo


they were working flawlessly with my phenom2 960t and gigabyte am3 motherboard (ma t 770 ud3)


now i bought a ryzen configuration

ryzen 7 1700

and gigabyte aorus gaming 5 (x370) motherboard

my 2 dsp card don't work anymore. with them or the computer keep crashing, or the software from ua says it dont see the dsp cards.


its is obviously a compatibility problem between amd architecture and from universal audio.

can someone dig in the issue and resolve it.

i put money in these dsps i 'd be happy they work

unversal audio support was awful, i hope amd people and universal audio can fix this issue, i'm not alone in this situation, thats means otherwise that if we want to use universal audio dsp we cant go for amd systems...