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HDR movies not working on my PC with any AMD cards

Question asked by moose on Feb 4, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2019 by hardcoregames™

Hello, First of all I'd like to say I bought a Nvidia GTX 1060 when they first came out and HDR games and movies both play fine on my pc. I then bought a Radeon RX 580 GTS XXX Edition 8GB and couldn't get HDR to work at all So I sent the card back. Card cost me $425. I then purchased a Radeon Vega 64 8GB and could only get games to display in HDR everything I have tried to do to fix it or get it working has failed. I have a very hi-spec pc that can run everything. I contacted AMD and to see if they could help with the problem they asked me a few questions about my setup and to supply them with my dxdiag file which I did and in it says that my Vega 64 is HDR compatible. They then passed my problem onto their expert technicians who replied by sending me to a Microsoft link about HDR problems. I had already been to the link and it didn't help me at all. They now don't answer any of my questions. I paid $975 for the Vega 64 and $425 for the RX 580 and neither of them play native HDR movies. As I said I have a GTX 1060 and all HDR works as it should. With the 1060 I turn on HDR in the windows setting (have advanced colour turned on in the tv settings) use powerdvd 17 to play the HDR movies and the tv (LG OLED65C6P) switches to HDR and the movies look great. The desktop looks dull but I can live with that if the movies play in HDR. With the Vega 64 I can turn on HDR in windows play the HDR file through Powerdvd 17 the HDR signal does not come up, the movie looks washed out but If i hit info on the tv button it says it's in BT2020 and HDR but it's not working at all. If someone can help please I'd really appreciate it as the experts couldn't help Im almost ready to throw a $975 card in the bin and never buy a AMD product again.

Im running Windows 10 Pro 1709 Version 16299.214

Use Powerdvd 17 to play the HDR content

Display settings are set to 12bpc YCbCr 4.2.0 in amd software (I use the same settings in Nvidia control panel with the GTX 1060)

Any other info you need I'm happy to provide.

Another couple of strange things I noticed in the AMD software is that it says that HDCP is disabled and under the audio settings panel it says that HDCP is NOT supported. When I use the GTX 1060 in the settings they all say that HDCP is supported for the card and audio.