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input not supported

Question asked by orangeandbrew on Feb 3, 2018
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Having an issue where the GPU settings were changed when I installed and tried to play a new game.  This caused the monitor to display "Input Not Support".  After connecting a TV to use as a monitor, I was able to see the screen again.  Read through forums and everything pointed me towards a possible driver issue.  I went through the uninstall, used DDU to clean up any lingering issues and rebooted.



After the reboot, my original monitor worked again with the base windows display card.  I downloaded a new driver from the AMD site (AMD Radeon R9 380 for Windows 10), and installed.  Immediately after the install finished, my screen flickered, and went back to "Input Not Support". 


I have tried changing the resolution through the AMD settings program, which points me back to the windows display settings.  This did not yield anything successful. 


I should also state, I can connect any other device to that monitor and it works fine.  It seems to only happen with this computer, when the AMD drivers are installed.


Please help!!