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    Why does the amddvr.exe process consume so much ram?

      I have installed the adrenaline 17.12.1 and the process amddvr.exe gets to consume almost 1 gb of ram ,I can not play videos of some web pages in full size (1080p), and amd overlay often gives me wrong measurements (checked with the same game and the same scenes ,and 
      the size of window varie.
      My pc:
      -Windows 10 pro 64 bit.
      -Msi A55M-E33.
      -Amd A8-5600k.
      -8 gb DDR3 1600.
      -Shapphire radeon rx 560 2 Gb Oc.
      -1Tb hdd.


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          AMDDVR.exe is the RELIVE program from AMD. If you don't use that feature you can go to Task Manager and disable it. This is a previous post about how to disable the RELIVE components:


          Correct Answerby tkraus on Dec 30, 2017 11:15 AM

          Yes, same here.

          I hate to have unwanted and not installed Services running in the Background.


          I have done this:

          In the Taskmanager, rightclick on the Process with the amddrv.exe and select "Open Filepath"

          In the Folder where both exes are, you also find the Installer (MSI) for ReLive.

          Install the Service and if it's done, uninstall it and reboot your PC.


          After that, both Processes were gone here (Windows 7 x64 Ultimate).


          If that don't helps, stop the Services and rename the File-Extensions from amddvr.exe & amdow.exe, to amddvr.___exe & amdow.___exe.


          One of the above Procedures should work.

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