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Low fps with ryzen 5 1600 3.2 gtx 1060 6gb 8gb ram 2400 Ghz

Question asked by junioru19 on Feb 4, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2018 by primearch

Hi all,
As i'm new in this forum i wanted ask why i have low performance?

I have a brand new pc as in description plus PSU 500W and motherboard asus prime a320m-k with just HDD 2TB (i will update with an SSD soon)


I'm playing as a main game CSGO 2nd PUBG 3rd LOL
I wanted say also my house mate has an intel i5 old gen. 2.8 with a gtx 970 plus 8gb ram 1600ghz and He is running CSGO with 230 fps all high and 180 PUBG all high.
On my pc CSGO is running at 80-100 fps pubg 30-50 (it doesn't change a lot between High and low quality)
All drivers update CPU,GPU,BIOS
In power options i have it on High performance, and i also tried it on AMD Razer (Balanced) Nothing change.
DVR OFF, Nvidia settings done well

I tried to overclock the ryzen5 but in bios there is any CPU ratio to change in AI Tweaker and all are set in auto if i change to offset mode is just a + and - that's it. As is asus motherboard on bios main page is written D.O.C.P disabled and i can't change it.
Is like Do OverClock Please Ahaha anyway

Can someone help me please? I paid a lot for this pc and i don't know why i have so low performance i'm getting crazy and i don't know if i start to regret about going for AMD.
I'm sorry to say that in here but i am pissed off i saw many youtube video with this pc going over 400 fps and i get just 80-100 in CSGO..
Any advice?
Kind regards