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    Low fps with ryzen 5 1600 3.2 gtx 1060 6gb 8gb ram 2400 Ghz


      Hi all,
      As i'm new in this forum i wanted ask why i have low performance?

      I have a brand new pc as in description plus PSU 500W and motherboard asus prime a320m-k with just HDD 2TB (i will update with an SSD soon)


      I'm playing as a main game CSGO 2nd PUBG 3rd LOL
      I wanted say also my house mate has an intel i5 old gen. 2.8 with a gtx 970 plus 8gb ram 1600ghz and He is running CSGO with 230 fps all high and 180 PUBG all high.
      On my pc CSGO is running at 80-100 fps pubg 30-50 (it doesn't change a lot between High and low quality)
      All drivers update CPU,GPU,BIOS
      In power options i have it on High performance, and i also tried it on AMD Razer (Balanced) Nothing change.
      DVR OFF, Nvidia settings done well

      I tried to overclock the ryzen5 but in bios there is any CPU ratio to change in AI Tweaker and all are set in auto if i change to offset mode is just a + and - that's it. As is asus motherboard on bios main page is written D.O.C.P disabled and i can't change it.
      Is like Do OverClock Please Ahaha anyway

      Can someone help me please? I paid a lot for this pc and i don't know why i have so low performance i'm getting crazy and i don't know if i start to regret about going for AMD.
      I'm sorry to say that in here but i am pissed off i saw many youtube video with this pc going over 400 fps and i get just 80-100 in CSGO..
      Any advice?
      Kind regards