AMD Driver Crashing After Update To Crimson 17.1. RX 480 Win 10

Discussion created by sentocnik on Feb 4, 2018
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So a few months before i had the same issue.. I updated my drivers and started playing games. After a while the game crashed and i heard my GPU drivers disconnecting (that windows sound) and the Driver icon on the taskbar was gone. I started my drivers again and checked the version of drivers and saw that they rollbacked from 17.11.x to 17.1.1.

I was struggling with this issues for a few days but then i just reinstalled windows 10 and it solved the issues.


Now I've had my fresh Windows 10, playing some Battlefield 1 and ofc. it kicked me out because I didn't update my drivers. So I downloaded them and made a clean install of the new drivers.

To get the story short, the same thing happened as before. My drivers rollbacked to 17.1.1. and whatever I do it will always crash and rollback to 17.1.1.


Note: I allready used DDU, safe mode starts.. etc.

DxDiag in att.


PSU: 650W Corsair.

CPU: i5 6600

GPU: RX480 8GB

RAM: 16GB 2133mhz crucials.


nothing overclocked, all stock AF.


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