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    AMD ADL on Linux, unsupported?!



      Based on the documentation, ADL SDK supports linux (example Ubuntu). I made a lot of research, but I do not know, how can I use ADL on my ubuntu machine. The documentation writes:


      For LINUX OS, the locations and binary names are:


      Linux 32-bit Runtimes (32-bit OS and 64-bit OS):




      Linux 64-bit Runtimes (64-bit OS):




      On these locations, there is no "libatiadlxx.so" file. Furthermore, I did not find it on my system. I installed the latest driver and an older one, but not solved this problem. I also downloaded the ADL 10 zip, but there is no "install file" or any installation instruction in it.

      Any ideas what should I try?


      Thanks for your answer and help!

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