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Frontier Edition constant crashes in Windows7

Question asked by amelvillny on Feb 3, 2018



It seems my Frontier Edition Vega is experiencing constant crashes in Windows 7.


Stability appears to be driver related, because it runs with no issue under Linux (4.15 mainline kernel, AMDGPU)


Enabling 10bpp support in advanced settings results in a crash after approximately 5 minutes of runtime.  One or both screens will simply blank and display a solid color, and the machine becomes unresponsive requiring a hard reset.  Disabling this setting results in random crashes of a similar nature, which can be a couple of days apart in frequency, usually related to turning the monitor on/off or coming out of sleep mode.


I was running the 2017 Q4 pro driver, but recently attempted the Adrenaline edition install to see if that would help, and there has been no improvement in stability.  Additionally, the capability of switching between drivers doesn't seem to be available on Windows 7, and this is not documented in a useful capacity anywhere.


Windows 10 is not an option, for many reasons.


Rest of the platform;

AMD FX8350 off a Gigabyte 990FX-UD3 motherboard (yes, it's due for replacement, unfortunately since Threadripper has no workstation motherboards available it'll have to wait)

750watt PSU, power stability not an issue

Windows7 x64, latest patches OR various flavors of Linux.   Ubuntu with ROCm won't work because the FX8350 doesn't support PCIe Gen3 atomics, unfortunately.