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Adrenaline 18.1.1 Graph Issue

Question asked by on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2018 by amcci1

Not a huge issue, but when I look at the performance graph in the Global Overdrive screen the temps and fan speed are being incorrectly reported on the graph. To the left and down below the current activity, temp, fan speed etc are correctly being reported by overdrive, but when I mouse over the graph to see recent temps they are reported incorrectly or as 0. For example, the correct temp may be 64 degrees and fan at 38%, but the graph info shows 38 degrees and fan at 0%.


This is not a big issue, but I can't use the graph to see what the temp was in a spike on the graph that occurred say 5 minutes ago.


Anyone else seeing this issue.