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Rainbow Six: Siege suddenly using all of my CPU's resources.

Question asked by lil_bonnibel on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by guinotrool

I'm having an issue with Rainbow Six: Siege. Half of the time I have 100-130FPS and the other half it declines down to 30-50FPS making it almost unplayable. I've contacted Ubisoft support and tried everything imaginable to get this fixed including formatting my PC, uninstalling and reinstalling, verifying game cache, running as administrator, running with no overlays, updating video drivers and even running with that CPUCores software on steam but nothing seems to help it. any assistance on this issue would be greatly appreciated and I'll see if I can include a screenshot of my benchmark to show that my usual FPS should be above 80 constantly.