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add xbox games to game profile without an .exe

Question asked by thejamlab on Feb 3, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2018 by goodplay

I just upgraded my laptop from Win7 to WinX in order to play xbox games on my laptop. My added GPU is R7 M370. Integrated video is Intel. My Radeon software is 17.7.

Looking at the Gaming tab I see the Add button with scan and browse. Scan fails to find any games. Xbox games (Forza 7 in my case) do not have .exe files. So, how do I assign switchable graphics dedicated GPU to Xbox games.

I have the latest drivers for both Intel and AMD. I can see where Adobe Premier will utilize the AMD GPU, so I think it is functioning normally.

What is the purpose of the scan feature, if it fails to detect my Xbox games, which on installed on a USB2 128G drive. My internal SSD is to small for adding Xbox games.


Thanks for explaining the basics of switchable graphics in advance.