Long-Short Story... Ryzen 7 1700x on the way...

Discussion created by hempthusiast on Feb 2, 2018
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This is my actual order from today. Expensive, yes. Worth it, more than ever. I am putting a bet on myself but who doesn't do it never live right? I go ham and I would like to thank you AMD for these awesome products.


Just to add more behind the story of my order. I bought a 1070ti a month ago with money I does not have thinking I would solve all my gaming problems but it didn't so I bought a SSD... Neither did that. Yesterday, I woke up with a broken HDD and a uncharged Cellphone (who doesn't want to charge as well) so I lost all my HDD but principally my Streamlab Chatbot backup and as I did put a 2FA for my bot, I cannot connect without the backup. Meh.


In between, I tried to play game on high but I frankly notice that it is not as good as people says how good it is and while trying to stream, I drop frame and game crashes or refuse to load correctly...


After frustration behind frustration, I just... decided that I had enough of it and I wanted to optimize my stream and gameplay...


I wanted to buy a Ryzen 1700x but my Motherboard is not compatible with it... also means I needed to change my Memory as Ryzen run on DDR4... so here it is; do I buy it or not? What I want to do really? ... This ... and boom!